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A Far-Reaching, Impactful Weight Loss Program

Naturopathic medicine for weight loss improves overall health.  Naturopathic Medicine addresses all factors that may be impacting your body weight, from food, lifestyle, nutrient deficiency, elevated toxic levels, stress, past trauma, elevated inflammation levels, insulin resistance to hormonal imbalance.

Our comprehensive and individualized Naturopathic medicine for weight loss program promises long-term, sustainable results, unlike rapid solutions with short-term results.

Naturopathic Medicine for Weight Loss- How Our Program Work?

The health and fitness industry is flooded with fast, weight loss solutions. People tell you if you follow this exercise or diet or take this supplement, you will manage your weight for good. However, 97% of diets fail all too often because the extreme caloric restriction is a very short-term strategy to manage weight. It all comes back once you drop your diet program. Similarly, other rapid weight management solutions, like supplements and weight loss workout plans, give unsustainable results.

Making dietary and lifestyle adjustments, which include altering your relationship with food, is the most effective strategy for long-term weight management. To make significant changes, you need to have a thorough understanding of how food interacts with your body and be able to see how everything you eat affects your longevity, productivity, and health.

The majority of patients who see us for naturopathic medicine services like hormone, gastrointestinal, or mental health optimization must begin with food. I therefore created this program as a first step to allow you to benefit from all of our naturopathic services.

Our transformative individualized weight management program is the first step in gastrointestinal, hormone, and mental health reset, optimizing, and transformative programs. So, in addition to weight management, you will reap many other health benefits.

Goals of our Naturopathic Medicine for Weight Loss Program

  • Promoting knowledge of health and wellness
  • Assisting with weight loss
  • Helping with achieving a high level of performance
  • Assisting with your quest to be present while navigating the milestones of a fulfilling life
  • Helping you manage your current health issues.

Most importantly, you are free to choose how to use our resources and tools to accomplish your weight management and other health goals.​

Who is this program for?

Our long-lasting weight loss program is created for anyone with any of the following goals:

  • Create a new, healthier relationship with food.
  • Learn about the effects of nutrition on the body and the mind.
  • Find out why you are gaining weight, why it is hard to lose weight, and how to make your body more conducive to losing weight
  • Improve focus, memory, cognition, performance, and productivity while feeling more energized.
  • Help with depression and ADHD.
  • Elevate good mood, lessen irritation and anxiety.
  • Improve sleep quality and prevent afternoon energy decline.
  • Boost your fertility naturally and increase your chances of an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • Reduce inflammation in your body to stop the progression of autoimmune diseases.
  • Boost insulin sensitivity to help manage your type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduce your cardiometabolic risk and lower your future chance of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • Learn the secrets of living a long life and healthy aging.
  • Stay motivated and make connections with like-minded people.

What will you get from the program?

  • Education on the benefits of Naturopathic medicine for weight loss.
  • Education on the basics of a healthy diet.
  • Recognize emotional eating and learn to manage it.
  • Understand the causes of cravings for salt and sugar.
  • Developing coping mechanisms for unhealthy cravings.
  • Advice on healthy lifestyle decisions, including personal and home products.
  • Effects of consuming local and seasonal food on health.
  • A thorough examination of how sleep affects weight control, along with helpful for deep, restorative sleep.
  • Learn how stress results in resistance to weight loss and tips for stress management in a fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Advice on how to prevent micronutrient deficiencies, which are essential for a successful weight-management strategy.
  • Strategies to curb inflammation, which is the underlying problem behind weight gain, autoimmune disease, decreased cognitive function, allergies, eczema, hormonal imbalances, and many more conditions.
  • Information on additional factors that contribute to weight gains and resistance, such as disturbed microbiota, hormonal health, and a high total toxic burden, as well as resources on managing these issues.
  • Meal plans and detoxifying smoothies weekly for three months.
  • Bi-monthly appointments with Dr Naggar to discuss progress and modify targets as we move forward.

FAQs – Naturopathic Medicine for Weight Loss

Q. Which is better, Ayurveda or Naturopathic Medicine, for weight loss?

Naturopathic and Ayurveda are both different healing medical systems that can help in weight management. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that focuses on balancing digestive health to promote overall well-being. Ayurveda for weight loss may involve a combination of diet, herbal remedies, yoga, and lifestyle changes tailored to an individual’s unique body type.

On the other hand, naturopathic is a holistic approach to weight management that focuses on treating the root cause of health problems and unhealthy weight by using natural remedies such as herbs, and lifestyle changes. Naturopathic for weight management may involve dietary changes, exercise, stress reduction techniques, detoxifcation, and treatment of the cause.

Q. Does naturopathic medicine for weight loss really work?

There has been much research and evidence from patients who claim that naturopathic can be effective in weight management when practiced under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

Dr Rasha EL Naggar is a qualified and licensed naturopathic doctor in California who focuses on identifying and treating the underlying causes of weight gain and obesity. She uses a holistic naturopathic weight management program that includes lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, exercise, stress reduction techniques, and natural remedies such as herbs, supplements, and homeopathy.

Q. How does a naturopath help with weight loss?

When you find a naturopath doctor, they will start by identifying obvious causes of your weight gain. This might involve investigating imbalanced hormones, toxicities in the body, stress levels, lifestyle, food habits, existing medical conditions, etc.

Accordingly, the naturopath doctor will package effective therapies into an individualized program to help you reach your weight management goals. As mentioned above, naturopathic medicine for weight management is not a rapid solution. It works gradually, giving you long-lasting and far-reaching results.

Q. What are naturopathic principles for weight loss?

Naturopathic medicine for weight management focuses on a diet that endorses more raw vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, sprouts, and organic meat to consume them with their naturality. These nutrient-dense foods provide the body with a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and high-quality sources of protein.

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