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Dr. Rasha specializes in hormonal regulation, weight management, gut optimization, mental health support, and regenerative medicine.



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You will find a difference in our Clinic because we operate differently! Addressing the root cause of the disease is one of the tenets of naturopathic treatment. This approach makes us unique compared to other medical systems.

We delve deeper through the collection of medical history, using cutting-edge lab tests to produce long-lasting outcomes. This advanced assessment localizes inadequacies in the body's physiological and functional operations. Once we've analyzed the subjective and objective information, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you restore optimal health.  

We utilize the following process, particularly in chronic, challenging-to-treat, or stealth infections.

Initial consultation

During the initial appointment, patients can freely express themselves and discuss their health objectives. At the end of the initial consultation, we will order basic and functional lab tests and provide a limited-scope treatment plan according to medical standards of care.

Lab testing

The patient and the doctor will choose which functional lab test will be the most appropriate and pertinent after reviewing the patient's objectives and top priorities. Our providers will instruct the patient on how to order the labs at the first appointment.

Follow-up consultation

We will explain in detail the results of the basic and functional lab tests and provide a thorough treatment plan. We will discuss the entire treatment plan and, accordingly, describe its implementation's timing.


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Dr. Rasha El Naggar

Dr. Rasha El Naggar, MD, MBiotech, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing in California’s scope of licensed naturopathic medical doctors. 

Dr. Naggar embarked on her medical journey at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt, where she earned her doctorate and medical education. Later, she honed her expertise at Johns Hopkins University, securing an MS in Biotechnology. Her quest for knowledge led her to Bastyr University in San Diego, California, where she earned her doctorate and naturopathic medical training.

Dr. Rasha El Naggar

- Provider

Our Clinic


In a world marked by the relentless pace of modern life, the pursuit of health and vitality can often feel like an unattainable dream. Yet, within the folds of struggle and the depths of personal experience, a beacon of hope emerges — a brand born from a profound story of regeneration and an unwavering commitment to holistic wellness. This is the story of Etara Wellness, a sanctuary of healing that bridges the ancient wisdom of natural remedies with the precision of evidence-based medicine.

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Dr. Rasha El Naggar is committed to offering you and your family the highest quality medical care so that you can recover fast and lead a full, active life. Together, we’ll work to achieve your family’s health and lifestyle objectives.

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